This story could not be told without the help of my sons.  Both of our boys are artistic and creative. Gabe has gone on to video games and doesn’t spend as much time making like he once did.  I will find him doing some digital art and graphic design, but I must admit, I miss those days he would draw for hours. Fortunately he has art every day in middle school so I still get to enjoy seeing some of his creations.

Kendall is nine and has been making, building, drawing, and whatever else you want to call it since he was a toddler.  His first love was probably building blocks.  He didn’t care much for Gabe’s hand me down set of Thomas the Tank Engine and the $500 or so worth of tracks and trains.  He loved blocks.  He loved Duplo and Trio before he started school.  He graduated to LEGO building blocks and can build just about anything. He is fascinated with stop motion videos and has made a few.

He loves to draw, too.  While Gabe was fascinated with superheroes, Kendall’s focus has been primarily on Mario and friends.  We cannot wait until Mario Maker comes out!

As a child my idea of a perfect birthday present was a pack of blank paper and a 64 pack of Crayola crayons.  So whenever my boys needed blank paper, Sharpie markers, paint, Sculpey clay, or anything else they needed/wanted in order to create, it was never a problem.  They have been quite resourceful as well.  I love it!

I applied to be a 2015 Imagination Chapter leader this past summer.  When I got the acceptance letter via email, I was in tears I was so excited.  Kendall was quite concerned, so I showed him a few of the videos from the Imagination Foundation.  He was thrilled as well!

He created his own cardboard arcade games over the next few days.  So far he has made Whack-a-Mole, skee ball, a crane machine, foosball with LEGO minifigures, and a hamster maze.

I could go on and on about Kendall and his creations, but perhaps that would best be saved for his own blog.

For now, I am thrilled that the boys are mine and that they have a love of making.  Lots of kids do and we are out to provide them with the resources they need.  Let’s go!