One of the best parts of being part of a group is learning from others.  

You know the saying, “Two brains are better than one.” Working in a group can lessen the individual workload and really help with creating more innovation.

Last Thursday I was blown away after talking with an inaugural Imagination Chapter leader. Dave Hartzell reached out to me since we are both in NC.  He was one of the 30 pilot leaders last year. Check out his bio

Wow.  Just wow. MrHartzell1 rocks. He started The 40 Book Project to get books into the hands of students at his school.  He also said that this year he will be leading a Wonder Lab at his school this year.  A full-time makerspace leader.  My brain was about to explode with possibilities.

He gave me some excellent advice throughout our thirty minute conversation.  I wrote some ideas down, but this is what I remember right now.

You don’t need fancy equipment to make stuff.
2) Use Google Hangout to connect the kids with people around the world
3) This Makedo Toolkit Starter set is great for cutting cardboard.
There was so, so much more that we talked about.  I’m just thrilled to know that he is just a message away.  That truly is the best thing about PLCs, Twitter, and now this Imagination Foundation community.  I have all this access to these brilliant people who are out there trying out these ideas.  Don’t go at it alone. Follow some like-minded people on Twitter, read a new professional book or blog, talto a colleague at your school…  The ideas came fast and hard as we were talking.  And I could never discount all of my awesome colleagues at my school and in my district.  I am forever grateful to my fellow tribespeople. You make me a better teacher.