How We Got Here – Part 2

Makerspaces have become really popular.   I first heard about them in media centers from my fellow media coordinators. Several attended sessions at local media conference sessions.

I have always tried to provide materials for our students.  Many children will simply desire a blank piece of paper. Makerspaces seemed to be that magnified by a thousand. My own children love to create, so this was an easy fit for me.

I have a great student who visits the media center often. I explained the concept and asked him if he thought it would be a good fit for our school. He, of course, loved the idea. We brainstormed some ideas of what materials we would need.  He even named our makerspace – Building Land.  He and his parents designed a great logo for our new makerspace and they had two large signs printed for us.

This wonderful family also donated materials for the makerspace.

(Part of the inspiration for the logo was Minecraft.  We were fortunate to win a Bright Ideas grant to purchase Minecraft for our media center around the same time.)
A friend suggested SnapCircuits as a good material to add to our makerspace.  This has been my favorite addition.  
We also had a makerspace type of day as a reading reward. The students built with Duplo blocks, train sets, LEGO building blocks, Lincoln Logs, and marble mazes; they designed bracelets with loom bands, paracords, and beads; and they created with felt, paper, clay and yarn.  It was really messy, but I know the kids loved it!
Students have been able to use the makerspace as part of regularly scheduled media classes and during flexibly scheduled times. 
We hope to add lots more to our makerspace this year!