How We Got Here – Part 1

SciGirls is a wonderful organization that strives to get more girls interested in STEM.  I applied to have our school become a SciGirls Partner and it was an easy and meaningful partnership from there. Whitney Sprinkle from our local cooperative extension office did this with us. SciGirls came out and trained some of our teachers during a full day workshop.  Since then we have held mini sessions for our teachers after school.  I then presented at our school district’s Teaching and Learning Conference.

The effect has been more than seventy local educators who were introduced to strategies to help girls become more involved in STEM.  These strategies have been shown to help girls AND boys.

Our school had a noticeable increase in STEM activities after this training.

Thank you, SciGirls, for this great opportunity!

SciGirls Presentation Slideshow

SciGirls Presentation Website with STEAM Resources

SciGirls Connect for Educators
SciGirls for Kids Website
Whitney Sprinkle NC Coop in Dobson – 4-H 401-8025